Butkiewicz | About
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About Me

Piotr Butkiewicz is a visual artist whose sculptures and paintings pose questions about the limits of visual communication and natural language, the relationship between the visual form and its perception and meaning. With a certain sense of humor, he takes up the postmodern problem of semantic incoherence of different communication systems: iconic and verbal, as well as cognitive limitations of communicating also through art. (Maria Kępińska)

I consider painting to be something closer to music and dance rather than intellectual struggle, something to express subtle feelings or a personal, intimate world.

Painting after all is just the process of mixing paints in a way to create reality to appear in the mind of the beholder, which in reality does not exist.

My goal is to create an open reality, defying rules, exceeding boundaries, freed from the dictate of reason, built with gesture, playing with perception.

In the presented works I undertake subjects that are not very specific, such as happiness, confusion, delight, depth…

My art does not have to be for some purpose, it does not have to be wise, it is a way to discover and uncover myself.